Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

days go by....

You are a delusional pot head, and will be little more. I am done. You do not appreciate what you have, only what you are. You have only appreciated yourself. And that is sad.

i am a beautiful human, my body is healthy, my mind is strong, my emotions are a little oozy but very stable, my determination and hope is max, i have the desire for communal health and happiness even though i may harbor anger for people with hatred towards me and am human, i am human and i will grow and learn and spread my fruits all my life, i will live to be 110 years old with no setbacks, i will understand that ferin is a shockingly manipulative person with an inbred hatred that does not become clean when any substance is applied to it, ferin wanted to get her hooks in and have the last word just like anthony, ferin will go home tongiht and pollute the earth my children will live on with chalouse use and planned lifelong use of harsh inhumane things and practices, ferin is not a person worthy of giving ear to although i do because were all human, you ferin marie can never walk out on me because i know you are always here, alive, no matter what we always met at the crossroad and continued on, you are sick girl and i want a hug so bad you have no idea i would love a hug from nobody else but you thats how sick i am so please understand that sickness and disease and happiness and fulfilment are struggles of your desires so just shut up would you! leave me alone! go away! bye bye! leave for ever and for good and do not talk to me through email or text message on your great great awesome cell phone or any message in any way unless your gonna be a real mother crappin human about it and be supportive and not delusional as you are yourself. WE all see life through a screen and this is ok. i appreciate almost everything around me. you are sad thats why your supposed last word to me is sad no happy
peace always and growing and love
im never done with anything although it may go away for a while
i wont neglect you if you ask but i wont communicate with you on my own
if your really not communicating with me anymore or thats the plan at least would you say goodbye

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bioshock Review by Anthony Britton: Gamer Extraordinaire

Bioshock is an amazing first-person shooter that uses the unreal game engine. The game takes place in a failed underwater utopia in the year of 1959. You take the role of a man named Jack who goes down in a plane crash. Your crashed plane ends up next to the building that leads down into the city know as Rapture. This game centers a lot around religion and genetics. The inhabitants of Rapture ruined their bodies and minds with what the player will come to know well. Plasmids, which are formulas designed to rewrite your genetic code, and give the user strange powers. This game is one surprise after the next, and is non-stop action from the begining to the end. The hacking aspects of the game are a simple idea, but actually prove to be quite difficult in later parts of the game.

I loved the weapon and plasmid selection structure. Pressing the right trigger while having a plasmid selected will automatically switch to the gun you had equipped, and the left trigger for a plasmid while having a gun selected. holding in the right and left bumpers wil bring up a gun selection and plasmid selection wheel respectively. The weapon and Plasmid upgrades are great ideas as well. I like the fact that you can only use each gun upgrade station once. makes for a bit harder time upgrading your firearms. There are a lot of secrets to find in the game, like getting all of the tape recordings. It also gives the player a chance to play on their conscience a bit as well with the little sister aspect of the game. The story is the most compelling part of this amazing peice of work. From the moment your plane crashes, to the amazing end of the game, this title will have you guessing, confused, and wanting more and more. You will want to find out the secrets of Rapture more than anything. The game makes you want to find out what happened to the people down there. Finding all of the tape recordings will answer your questions of: Why is the city in shambles? What went on down here?, and many others you may have. At one point in the game you get a research camera, and taking pictures of all the enemies can give you damage bonuses and even special abilities like active camo. Being that the game takes place in the late fifties, it has some high nostalgic feeling to it. the music and the voice acting actually make you feel like you are in that time period. Bioshock doesn't just try to put you in the fifties, it does. Their are some bad things about Bioshock, though. The Big Daddies are a little too powerful of an enemy. There aren't too many good ways to win a fight with them without using a lot of first-aid or ammunition. Some parts of the game can be rather glitchy and annoying. from "dancing" corpses to people being able to hit you through walls, as well as the camo being glitchy as well. Some of the enemies can still find you, and most will blindly fire, and manage to hit you dead on. Sometimes the camo doesn't even activate, so you are in a heated battle and need time to reload, or heal, and you run away to hide, and let it hide you, and you are still perfectly visible, and prety much fodder. Some things in the game also just make no sense at all. Another one of the bad things about the game is that when you switch ammo types during a battle, then you have to watch Jack reload the weapon, and then switch back to the ammo you actually wanted, and sit through him reloading again.I see nothing at all to complain about regarding the graphics or audio in the game. Both are highly astounding. I highly recommend buying this game if you are a fan of the FPS genre. No matter how many times you play, though. This game makes you want to play again.

Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Gameplay: 9.5
Replay Value: 10
Story: 10
Originality & concept: 10

Sunday, September 16, 2007

MathXL should BURN IN HELL

Okay, so it's down to the last half-hour that I can finish my homework. I have three problems left to get credit. It freaks out on me and won't let me login. I freak out because I'm at Tiffani's. Their computer then crashes. Now it's 11:13pm. I spaz and ask Mikey to take me home so I can sign in there. Even if they had gotten me home with time to finish my homework (I only had five minutes until the deadline) it wouldn't matter because the site is down. Sent and email to Ethel Wheland. Hope to get a response soon. Damnit.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Okay, so apparently the free-loaders are not completely out of the house like they're supposed to be. Very frustrating.

Think perhaps I'm losing water weight. Or maybe I'm getting old...

Here at the office on a Saturday = very boring. No calls in almost two hours. Ridiculous.

Up into the 700s in QC. Can't wait. Will be fun to read them via RSS.

Oh, yeah. The reason I was writing in the first place. "Hmm, I wonder what happened that was out of the ordinary today... Free-loaders? No... Frequent bathroom breaks? No... Work? No... QC? Def. no... Oh!! DURRRRRRRR....

Bought a laptop.
Inspiron 1420
$1,332.43 ($40/month)
The blue one.
O yeah.
I can pay $40 a month, which is cool, and I get a bitchin' carry-case doo-dhad.
Very excellent.
Vista though.
But TR: A will run. Once again,
O yeah.

Friday, September 14, 2007 you get the potato drunk....

Don't forget your lighter...

So I am back to being completely depressed about my weight. It seems like I will never lose the weight I put on over summer. It is still really early, I know, but it makes me sad seeing my sides pudge when I wear my old pants. Whatever, I guess.

Actually missed a math assignment. Must force myself to actually finish stuff. After missing one I end up with a sort-of fuck-it attitude. Must refrain from not caring.
Note to self: send English teacher my homework; send French teacher my homework; Do math homework...

So the engine is almost ready to come out of the red car. I'm hoping everything will go well.

The freeloaders are finally out of the apartment. Yuck. I'm SO glad. The circumstances are that Stephanie (Anthony's sister) decided to leave Brandon in the house alone and left, so now mom has custody and the freeloaders had to leave.

The 360 is finally back from friggin' Texas. SO glad. Anthony is almost finished with Bioshock. Will have review posted after I finish it.
Anthony was a doll. Bought me Spyro: A Hero's Tail.

Have the sniffles. Icky. Been sniffling and such since the beginning of the week. Ucky. It sucks because I keep getting made fun of.

Been reading Questionable Content (QC) lately. There are nearly 1,000 issues, and I'm on 404. It's an excellent series (if you're into the whole Indie-Soap-Opera type thing).


Been trying to eat healthier. Trying.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The best thing about walking on a treadmill... that you don't have to walk back.

Okay, so, had the worst day ever not too terribly long ago. Great haven... Okay, so here it goes:

It was on Thursday, my last day of class for the week. I was feeling mostly excellent. In my English class, the last one of the day (around 6:30ish-8). We had an in-class essay to do. I, personally, like writing essays so it wasn't a big deal. I was concentrating really well; I surprised myself. Just then I get a text message that reads: "Something bad happened. Call if you can, " from Anthony. I am thinking, "OMG what could have happened?"I send one back, of course: "What happened? Are you okay?" I didn't get a response within a minute, so, me being who I am, freaked out, ran out of class with my phone pressed so hard against my ear that it left marks. I found out after I called Anthony that the control arm on the car broke, and so it is now un-drivable. He wasn't hurt, so I got off the phone and went back to class. There I just finished my essay and left class early. I was considering getting myself something to drink at Starbucks (comfort drinks, you know how it goes), but first I checked my account balance. We all know that since I get robbed the amount that I do, I will never carry cash. My account balance was not only in the negatives, but in negatives in the double digits. I thought, "this day could not get any worse, " and then the sky fell...

Ray's birthday party was last night/this morning. I ended up getting there around 7, and had to stay until close. The night started out all right. My food consumption, of course, was a little excessive, but everyone can splurge from time to time. Paige and Brandon showed up around 9. Most of what happened was just us four (did I forget to mention Tiffani?) sitting around talking. The music was too loud, (the kids are so young) but it was fine when I was sitting outside. Ray was fine most of the night, though around 1 he threw a tantrum and started kicking over chairs. By this time Paige and Brandon had already left the scene and went home. Tiffani and I quietly went out the front door. The show was probably the best part of the night. Diana (Denise?) was the one who sang. I guess she was supposed to do some eight songs or something, but the drunk people were harassing her. Either way, Ray couldn't go home and so slept on the pool table with Lennell (who was very giggly) and the rest of us helped clean up (except for me, who sat and watched Matlock until it was time to go home). We didn't leave until 3:30 in the morning and I didn't arrive at home until past 4. Anthony was already sleeping by the time I got home.
Now, today I plan on staying at home all day. Seriously.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


You have no idea how liberating it can be speaking to someone who (stereotypically) you are supposed to dislike. Now that I have apologized, I feel completely new. I feel like a good person again. I love it.

Everyone deserves another chance. Always.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

My New Favourite

Escape Room Games. You are trapped in a room, and you must escape with what you are given. There are a lot out there, most of which are in Japanese. I am making a list of good ones so if you [mah readerz] should deem it necessary [which you should] to give escape room games a try, you won't have to do the awful searching, playing, getting confused, getting angry, and breaking your furniture that comes along with it.

Escape Games:

The Shochu Bar is excellent. The graphics are pleasant, the English is good, it is difficult though, mind...

Neutral has two available escape games, RGB and Sphere, both of which are very clever with excellent graphics and even a save option.

The Afro-Ninja Escape Series is simple and easy, but excellent. There are supposed to be two out so far but I can only find The Closet, which is the second in the series.

Also, Duderuud comes up with excellent escape games. They are simple for the most part, but once you get the hang of them, they get much easier. The best so far is Escape Polleke's Garden.

More to come. ^^