Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Horoscope Time!

Mercury is in Scorpio, but slowing. Review finances and correct mistakes. Eliminate confusion or misunderstanding. Be clear about liabilities. Don't go over the top or get in deep without knowing what's at stake. Keep a lid on spending till you know where you stand. Study the implications of contracts or agreements. Delay signing. You may be party to intimate secrets. Someone close to may disappoint you. Discussion is intense as the month begins. Finance and intimacy are hot topics. Relations with others are a key factor with Mars, the Sun and Venus in Libra and your house of partnership. Consider the 'why and wherefore' of what others want and what you want to give. Discuss priorities in depth.

Life is so strange right now, you may doubt anything is really true. But some things have to be true, that's just a statistical fact. From the look of your solar chart, you're heading for an opportunity of some kind, and it may seem too good to be true. Here is what I can tell you. It's probably true, and it will come at a price. That price involves being honest in the face of an overwhelming temptation to lie. It may also involve being clear with yourself that someone is simply not being honest with you -- and saying nothing at all. Romance or erotic relations will feature at the New Moon, which will be fast or furious. Mars enters Scorpio on Oct 30th. It's intense. You want what you want. What will be the cost of getting it? Warning and congratulations! It's likely that someone close to you will soon be giving birth, at least metaphorically. While the accent is on your career and your public face, love and romance are very much in the picture, and are likely to go from strength to strength now.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"I made us dinner," HA I'M GAY

[copy/pasta from dA journal]

Being at work. This will be the second time that I am attempting to post a journal entry on dA, my page refreshed and I lost what I wrote that was so freaking random that I don't even remember what the hecks it was.

On another note: want to move soon; hence the quotation -
+I've been here so long I think that it's time to move+

Also, once again, Anthony has expressed an interest in having someone follow us around and take pictures of us, but the only person who would do it (Tiffani) is never around both of us at the same time (and has a shitty camera). SO, need to schedule some type of family gathering soon on a Monday.....

GAH I don't even work today and I'm working.

Also, I am making a Weighted Companion Cube.

[/copy/pasta from dA journal]

Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Journal, Pissy CSS, and the MIA Alphabet

Well, I updated my CSS journal business on deviantART. Am so much happier with it now. It took damn near my whole shift, but it was totally worth it. Here on the right --> is a before and after shot, with a hyperlink to go to my journal.

Mom is much better. She says she only feels better when she is under stress. It's sad.

Speaking of sad, the sky was just beautiful the other day. Just lovely. I didn't have my camera, but it lasted for about fifteen minutes. I only saw one person take a picture. It's tragic.

Also, play this game.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Being part of someone's life is so important

something is wrong with Brenda, anthony's mom. she's having trouble breathing and her left arm is numB. anthony is just about to have a heart attack over it, and he's stuck at work. i am really worried. stephanie is supposed to take her to the hospital. will keep you posted.

[EDIT] she seems to Be doing Better, now. she's at home, But grandma is with her, and grandma's a nurse. more laters.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Being more and less worried through Blame

i am truly sick of making excuses for myself. i already know that archeology and algeBra are over with - i cannot take those and pass my other classes. i am going to do my very Best to make sure that i pass english and french. i am freaking out now Because maria maisto is telling us aBout our papers that she graded,
I will be returning your comparison papers... and I'm afraid that it's going to be a bit of a shock for many of you. You will have an opportunity to revise the paper if you would like (details will be given tomorrow night), but for many of you, seeing how you did will be a bit of a wake-up call telling you that you must do your absolute best on the remaining assignments in class, or seriously consider dropping the course. I'm sorry to be delivering bad news so soon after the Indians' loss, but the bright side is that it is still early enough in the semester to turn things around. I strongly encourage you to renew or re-evaluate your commitment to the course. i am here to help and am always happy to do so when students are making their best, good faith efforts.
scared. really scared.

Friday, October 19, 2007

AlgebrA, Amusement, And one hell of An eArly Account

AlgebrA midterm = 58%
very upsetting. well, Am certAinly hAving A dAy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh my heavens!!!

It's been too long. *Sigh*
Alright, well, in English Comp. II I have this fascinating paper to write. I get to write about whatever I want, which of course will be Alice. But it needs to be some type of argument. Hm. What do people argue about regarding Alice? TO THE LIBRARY!!!

Have pre-ordered Fable 2. Will be fun. Also bought Megaman Battle Networks 4. Fun stuff. Haven't started it yet because I haven't finished Scurge. Is a difficult game. Indeed.

Ugh. College is catching up with me. I am getting behind. Sometimes I feel like I really wasn't cut out for this. I am probably going to fail Algebra, I am failing Archeology, but I refuse to fail French and English. I will pass them. Cannot schedule classes until the end of April.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

strangest things

Been going through the strangest things. I feel funny. I hope it won't be anther one of those things where I am going to need to be on medication. If I look at the floor long enough, it appears to be undulating, as if it's some type of liquid. I'm not sure what to think. Will visit the doctor soon. I hope.