Thursday, December 27, 2007

Life pisses me off...

So, as spoiled as I am, I still feel sleighted at damn near everything,
I'm jealous of things that don't matter (exist), and I do believe that I
may be depressed. I'm annoyed with myself. Christmas was really
uneventful i.e. it didn't feel like Christmas at all. The tree helped,
though. I still can't stand living with people and I hate being broke.
Want an apartment, though cqan't afford one. Student loans are going to
kill when I graduate. Worried that I'll never find a job. O well I
guess; that's what factory work is for. Want internets. Grr.
<3 mobile blog FTW <3
<3 sushi FTW <3

Sunday, December 23, 2007

cocaine, 151, and old time's sake...

Not sure how to feel right now. On my way home. Moved again, I
mentioned earlier. Am so tired. Sugar is low. Wish I could be a better
person. Feel like a jerk, sometimes.
Started quilting. Will post pictures. Crow quilt just needs letters.
Didn't cut them with enough allowance for the hem-age. Today, bought too
much, lost too much. Lost $10. Think it fell out of my pocket. Bought a
self-healing mat, see through ruler, a pattern, and some fat-quarters.
Can't wait to actually start.

<3 mobile blog FTW <3

<3 sushi FTW <3

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pretending, Trusting, and Late Night Quilting

Well, have moved again. Seventh time in the past two years. Been getting
really into quilting.
<3 mobile blog FTW <3
<3 sushi FTW <3