Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Internet Famous

I'm internet famous. Well, not really, but I have a user name on damn near every website on the net. Seriously. Google hexidecimalhack. I'm serious.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Have never seen it before, but right now I'm watching NCIS waiting for Anthony to come home. "Grasping at thin polystyrene tubes..." XD

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm so peckish, I could pork a lumberjack...

Omigod auto cliche maker thing..... and I LOST THE LINK. If anyone finds it, let me know, it's just too funny not to bookmark.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Poorly Managed Move

Things are going very poorly. We had a short amount of time to move. Fricken Steve (his name is actually Sachin Patel) decided that the move was off. And then back on. Jack ass.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Septerra Core

Wow. Haven't played that in a while. You should check it out if you like RPGs with a great story-line. Click the pic to download.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Scientists Extract Images Directly From Brain"

Okay, I'm the first to admit I'm paranoid. I'm typically the last one to blog about my paranoid thoughts, though. If they really can extract images from your brain with nothing more than an MRI, can they read thoughts, too? Even if you aren't seeing what you're looking at, but instead focused on your thoughts, would that be seen instead? This sounds to me like we are slowly moving toward the "thought police" type of a thing. It's a scary thought. Very scary.


I'm packing oh-so-slowly. I'm not eager to try to find another home so quickly. It's been less than a year, and already we're out. It's difficult.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quake Live Review

Mentioned a few weeks ago I was beta testing Quake Live. There are a ton of things that have been fixed since last week's patch.

Before the patch...
  • Quake Live would crash anytime Windows checks for updates. With Vista, there isn't a way to really stop that anymore.
  • Prior update... "Rolling over a game now displays: skill, gametype, frag/cap/round limit, time limit or time left, warm-up status or scoreboard," and "Clicking a game now displays: player avatar, name, team, and score," which it only did half the time, and the other half would freeze the game.
After the latest patch... all of that works. Yay.

Monday, December 08, 2008

It's Official

We're moving. Tuscarawas county. 40 minutes away. I'm scared. Never lived that far from anyone. Christina has got to be the bravest person I know. Moved a whole state. Wow. Gnite.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Mom Dad Jeanna

I miss them. So much. Of course, like any other kid with a guardian, they annoyed me sometimes or got on my nerves, but I haven't seen them in a long time. They know how to encourage me in the right ways. And you know what? With them, my best was good enough. They didn't expect more out of me than I was capable. I love them and I miss them. Especially now.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

omg we have to go

okay we have to leave but i listed an item in my etsy shop you should go look thanks bye

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I Think We're Moving Again

This time to Tuscarawas County - 40 minutes away. I'll go through Tiffani withdrawal. It's a good thing Anthony is keeping his job and Allen is going to school still. That's a guaranteed ride to Akron three times or more a week.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Another Day

Anthony's at work. Allen and Christina are playing WoW together. She told me today that I make her feel guilty for spending time with Allen. Feel bad about that. I really don't want to be here right now. I really feel like I have let everyone down again. My friends from high-school have grown-up without me, and here am I, left behind. I'm tired of making everyone feel bad. I'm tired of feeling bad. I'm attempting to get back into the swing of things. I'm going to need to make a lot of things. Hopefully I can get a little bit of extra money for my birth certificate, but it'll have to wait until after we pay Allen and Christna back. I really owe them. I ache.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

200th Post and a Day Full of Pointless Knitting

200th post = yay.

Well, been knitting all damned day and haven't gotten a thing finished. I mainly realized that I don't know how to work a yfwd, K1. That and this whole business with cross stitches is hard. the part I'm having issues with is the Cr6R; "slip 6 sts onto RHN dropping extra loops (which is in the previous row, and not the issue), slip same 6 sts onto LHN, K 4th, 5th, and 6th sts, K first, 2nd, and 3rd sts, slip all 6 sts off LHN tog." Ouch.

Decided I'm going to actually do what I've been making templates for and knit some of the photos that I have taken, I just need more yarn.

Christina seems really upset. I don't know why but it's making me nervous. If she wants to talk about it sometime I'll be here. I have a sneaking suspicion it might be because ex-roomie-Paige was here, but I really don't know. It worries me, I guess. [Edit] It's stress. We're all stressed because of money. Everyone is. [/Edit]

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, All!!!

It's Thanksgiving, and something I haven't done since I was a kid (that I feel the need to do now) is actually state out loud what I'm thankful for. I'll make a list.
  • I'm thankful that my grandma doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving or I'd be at her house around 5 getting lectured. I'm glad at this point I'm old enough to go home when things go awry.
  • I'm thankful we still live in a house. It's cold outside.
  • I'm thankful to be talking to Lil and Tibby-Meg again.
  • I'm thankful to have Thanksgiving day off with Anthony.
Christina mentioned she was thankful that she could fly in World of Warcraft. Allen was thankful for a roof over his head. Anthony didn't have anything to say, but he's playing Guitar Hero, which means he's a pretty happy camper right now.

Oh, yeah, I'm also thankful that Allen brought Lindt orange-dark-chocolate bars home. Thanks Allen!!!

So what ever happened with that black hole in Sweden?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Etsy Shop

Working on setting up an Etsy shop. :D
I'm excited. I actually have to start knitting before I can post, though.
One of the first items I'll have up will probably be Twilight inspired Bella's Mittens. I've been working on the pattern and do believe I have the cables right now. Just have to get the sizing down. Anybody have any ideas on what else I can knit and sell? Mittens? Socks? Cthuhlu? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quizzy Doo iTunee Dealy Thing

  • Put your iTunes (or WinAmp, or WMP) on shuffle.
  • For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
  • Tag your friends who might enjoy doing the game as well as the person you got the note from.

  1. If someone says is this okay? You say..

  2. London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines - Panic! At The Disco

  3. What best describes your personality?

  4. 40 Stripes - Blitzen Trapper

  5. What do you look for in a guy/girl?

  6. Now Is Forever - Eiffel 65

  7. How do you feel today?

  8. Invisible - Third Eye Blind

  9. What is your life's purpose?

  10. Bad Light - Built to Spill

  11. What is your motto?

  12. Listen To Your Heart - D.H.T.

  13. What do your friends think of you?

  14. Down In A Hole - Alice In Chains

  15. What do you think about most?

  16. Living In A Bubble - Eiffel 65

  17. What is 2+2?

  18. Key Of The Twilight - Kajiura Yuki (.Hack//Sign Soundtrack)

  19. What do you think of your best friend?

  20. She's Only 18 - Red Hot Chili Peppers

  21. What do you think about the person you like?

  22. Psychotherapy - Melanie

  23. What is your life story?

  24. Precious Illusions - Alanis Morissette

  25. What do you want to be when you grow up?

  26. Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru

  27. How do you think honestly when you see the person you like?

  28. Totally Different Head - V Shape Mind

  29. What do your parents think of you?

  30. Super Sadist - Jack Off Jill

  31. What would you dance to at your wedding?

  32. Jaws Theme Swimming - Brand New

  33. What will they play at your funeral?

  34. The Day That I Die - Good Charlotte

  35. What is your hobby?

  36. Science - System of a Down

  37. What is your biggest secret?

  38. Narcolepsy - Third Eye Blind

  39. What do you think of your friends?

  40. Psycho - System of a Down

  41. What's the worst thing that could happen to you?

  42. Light Up Ahead - Further Seems Forever

  43. How will you die?

  44. Love Is Groovy - Sal's Birdland

  45. What is the one thing you regret?

  46. Cold - Crossfade

  47. What makes you laugh?

  48. Burden In My Hand - Soundgarden

  49. What makes you cry?

  50. My Time In Exile - Third Eye Blind

  51. Will you ever get married?

  52. Falling Down the Rabbit Hole - Chris Vrenna

  53. What scares you most?

  54. My Sanity on the Funeral Pyre - Atreyu

  55. Does anyone like you?

  56. Only Wanna Be With You - Hootie & the Blowfish

  57. If you could go back in time what would you change?

  58. Keep Away - Godsmack

  59. What hurts right now?

  60. Let You Down - Three Days Grace

  61. What will you post this as?

  62. Will I? - Ian Van Dahl expired


Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, several times we've called, both work and home, and still no return call. We drove up to BK yesterday because her manager said she didn't work there, and of course, lo and behold, there she was. She didn't talk to us, but Gail sure did. I don't know what she told Gail, but it sure as shit wasn't the truth. We're sending him some certified mail tomorrow to make sure she gets the message. That's something that'll go through in court, if needbe.

More laters.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Updated dA, take a look. :P

Haven't heard from Paige since she left. I guess it's how I was; afraid to call, afraid to visit, just wanted the bad times to end.

Been beta testing QuakeLive. It's fun, I suppose. Just like Quake III.

That's it for now!!

D & D Night

Wellllll, it's D & D night in the Shoshone house, and everyone is excited. Well, not really. D & D night is every Friday. At least we can play without creepy hair-zilla stalking around.

Been feeling more creative lately. That's a good thing. Finished Allen's Christmas present. He reads this boring stuff, so if you want to know what I made him, mail me.

Have to go eat, Christina is going to stab me. O.o

Friday, November 07, 2008

Restraining Order

Paige has been breaking into my room at night. Found bent up bobby-pins in her room. I can't even express the frustration I've been feeling.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I've been asleep for days...

I just slept for 12 hours. Ouch. The smoke really got to me I think. Feel fine now, except for the coughing.

House Fire

Just had a small house fire. Someone thought it would be a good idea to put hot ashes from the fireplace into a cardboard box. Hot ashes. Cardboard box. Bye bye $800 carpet. Lucky we had some left over. Anthony is trying to patch it now. I can't even. No words.





Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy B-Day Tibby-Meg

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Tibby-cousin-Meg...
Happy birthday to you.

I Heard What You Said

I'm not a party killer. You're a jerk.
Happy Fucking Birthday, jackass.

Went to EatinPark to get out of the house for a bit. Saw Lil and Brandy, and their two friends. I feel like a jerk, I can't remember their names now. I swear I don't even remember my own name sometimes.

Well, after we got home, I certainly didn't feel like talking to you. But I did. And you made me feel worse.

If that isn't bad enough, Tiffani is making out with all of the females in the house, except Paige, who got drunk and passed out anyway an hour after she got home.

Someone peed on the toilet seat. I'm not mentioning any names. But it was gross.

Someone also smoked half of the cigarettes I had left. Also not mentioning any names. But just because you don't feel like rolling your own and just because they're out on the counter, that does not mean that they're free.

Happy Samhain. Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

..and when she walked in the power went out, and then Chris Rock slapped somebody...

Well, I went in to get my state ID and can't. Don't have my birth certificate. After I go through and get my birth certificate I can actually get my ID which will rid me of most of the stress I've been going through.

I voted. I could vote without an ID. It was funny. When I went in and filled out the ballot, they told me I wasn't registered, even though I received a letter for jury duty and a voter registration card, so I registered there. Then they told me that I was registered twice, and to wait there until they had it resolved. It took an hour, but it definitely didn't make me feel any better after the whole ID thing.

Leighlann's journal dealy is going well. Purchased a book just recently that even says "secrets" in silver on the cover and spine.

When I go into work tomorrow, I may resign. It all sort-of depends on the hours I can get. I don't feel that I have it in me to continue to work around Matt. It's too stressful, and I don't intend to be a bitch about it and get him fired so I can work there. He was there first.

Timber Top was a total bust. We can't all live there if we're not a legal family. We're all discussing moving to France. The health care there is some of the best in the world. It wouldn't be anytime soon, of course, because Allen is getting his degree before we move anywhere.

Been scouting for schools geared toward what I'm working for instead of one that will give me training I can find through online courses. It's just too expensive. I'm really kind of lucky I didn't go through the whole shebang before deciding to move on, especially because of the whole work situation there.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I know it's nerdy and goofy, but I play neopets. And if you read this you should make an account. Not necessarily to play on constantly. Or for anyone but you to know about. But there is a referral thing, and I get stuff for you making an account. Even if you only sign into it once or twice a year. Click the banner to sign up. :)

[EDIT] Don't forget to Activate your account after you start one!!! [/EDIT]

Moving Again

Well, it's gotten to the point of ridiculousness now that I feel when I start to settle down, I move again. The house is getting disgusting. There's mold from the leaks in the basement, the bathroom leaks as well as the washer, the dryer doesn't work, and the lease was signed for "as is." So, in all honesty, we're fucked. I'm already geared up to move again, and of course I found the next perfect place to live; Timber Top. The apartment in the link to the left is my absolute favourite. I can't wait to see it in person. We plan on going on Tuesday. Yay.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Sale at Jo-Ann's

Bought $136 worth of Simplicity patterns at Jo-Ann's for $14. It was awesome. Have these ones. :)

Simplicity 0531 Simplicity 2777
Simplicity 2851 Simplicity 2966
Simplicity 3685 Simplicity 3809
Simplicity 4080 Simplicity 5794
Simplicity 9887

Can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Updated it, list is in link area, there, to the left. Down a bit.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Work Schedie

Sunday-Monday: 3p.m.-11p.m.
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday-Thursday: 3p.m.-11p.m.
Friday: Off
Saturday: 3p.m.-11p.m.



Off work now. Last phone call was an hour and a half long.
Arab trying to setup internet.
With a laptop.
With Vista.
With FAIL.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now that I have five minutes free...

Okay, so:
  • Work fun. Money good. I happy.
  • Bought Sinking Island. Expect a review soon.
  • Making a journal for my D&D character, Leighlann, about her adventures in Christina's campaign. I'm going to bind it after I finish. Just need to fill in the gaps where only the players know what's going on so that it will make sense to everyone.
  • Icecream.
  • Bones. Addict.
  • Christmas is proving difficult, as I now hardly have time for any of the hand-made gifts I planned. Must consider bought-alternatives.

That's all for now, folks!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Day of Work

Well, taking calls wasn't too bad. It went by really quick. Only got one break, though. Harumph.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Work, Crap, Etc...

Well, work. Indeed. Been working though it's like school. Which is fine. I guess. This will sound ridiculous, but I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my uterus. O.o


We rented the first two dvds of the second season of Bones. Yay.

Need food. Feel stupid.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I've been having a hell-of-a stressful time lately. Been smoking way too much. Been having little sharp pains everywhere; in my knees, my elbows, ankles, chest and neck.

Work is going well. I enjoy it.

Got a new outfit today. Green stripey shirt, purple plaid skirt, green plaid socks. Looks awesome together. :D

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"We're all going to die in 51 days"

No, not the beginning of my panic, but it didn't help either. I was going to wait until everyone went to sleep before I did it. I was going to do it quietly and in the bathtub, so as not to make a ridiculous mess to clean up after I had gone. Perhaps I would have left the water on if bills weren't so high already. I keep thinking that there's something I have to do first, but I don't know what. I have no clue. Just something I have to take care of. Something. If I don't have time to write before-hand, thank you, Christina, for helping me out. Thank you everyone else for making my decision easier. It's just too much. And I know no one here would let me go quietly. I feel like there isn't any other way to not piss someone off other than not be here in the first place. So, to let everyone in on my awful day:
  • Surprise! Matt works at Teleperformance with me!
  • Also, surprise! Chad knows I work there too!
  • Allen thinks tarot cards are bull-shit.
  • Allen thinks I'm a bitch, though when he's angry, I leave him alone. Wrap your brain around that one.
  • I'm always wrong, but we already knew that, didn't we?
  • My schizophrenia is bad enough now that I'm considering buying sleeping pills.
  • Lost my phone, risking being fired, and then found it again in the... you guessed it, lost and found. Wasn't bad that I found it, but stress is bad enough, you know?
  • I dropped out. Not for good, just for now. I hate trying to explain it to people, but everyone needs a break sometimes, right?
  • The bathroom area is once again leaking.
  • The cat's in heat, so she won't let me sleep for more than ten minutes.
  • I now hate video games.
  • I've been inspired to write poetry. Which is bad. My poetry is crap.
  • I'm a pessimist. I know! Shock, right?
So yeah, life is crap right now. Mostly the Allen and end of world thing are gettin' to me though. It is seriously crap. Srsly.

Here's to you, Twin

"I can't wait for you to shut me up..."

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Who would slam a drive-thru window. Honestly.

So the whole house thing is pretty much worked out. I think. Everything with Paige has been fixed but she's still sort of on probation. The only problem now is Allen.

I don't understand why he thinks he's being nice when he interrupts. I don't understand why he can't just be nice.

It's time to run.

As soon as I can afford an apartment, you had better believe no one will know where it is. Mark my words.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let's Play a Game - What the hell is this song?

Well, I'd like to post it, but I cannot figure out for the life of me what servers or hosts allow music uploads. May create a video on YouTube for it. :)

If you want to try to help, comment and I'll email you the song.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Small Updates

Well, Christina and Allen are in Minnesota now. It's kind of lonely here at the house, since Anthony and Paige are both at work. Thought about calling people to go somewhere, but I have to feed the kitten every four hours.

O yeah, we now have a kitten. He's very tiny and grey, has grey eyes, too. His name is ninja. Noir has actually taken to him really well. She's to the point where she's acting like his mother (o shit, I'm a grandma!). It's nice, though.

Lonely. Maybe will exercise. Or eat...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm constantly interrupted. It's like I'm a seven year old kid again; "Mommy, mommy," "NO, Ferin, hush. The adults are talking." Nothing I say is fucking important to anyone, even if it is important. I feel frustrated and alone. There's only so many times I can say, "we need to figure out how much money we need while they're gone," using that word that I hate so much to describe how desperately I feel that it should be done.

Once again, I'm in a place where I feel that I've been here so long I think that it's time to move. I can't take the hostility, the greed, the ignorance.

I don't feel like going to school anymore or trying to be the temperance in the frequent storms of anger. I feel like sleeping my life away, like lying dormant until I have enough energy to go on.

It's unfortunate I haven't found a convenient passage to the roof, otherwise no one would ever see me again.

[Edit] I didn't realize this sounded like a suicide threat. It isn't. I like to read on the roof. It's a hobby. Not death, is hobby. [/Edit]

Monday, August 25, 2008

The difference between NEED and WANT

I have issues with the word need.

I feel that you don't really need anything except air, water, and, (I'm going comma crazy, I know) only every once in a while, food. For the most part anytime I'm asked, do you need this or that, my immediate response is, "I don't need anything." This is silly because I know that humans do need some things, but many many things that people say they need are completely unnecessary. So when I respond with the above, it is now to the point where anyone close to me says, "Well, would you like this and that?" which, in my opinion, is completely acceptable.

Most people don't understand the difference, which makes it difficult for me to talk to and understand them, as well as the other way around. I get tired of having to explain it to people and end up keeping my mouth shut and saying, "Such and such would be nice" or "I don't need such and such, no."

"Attention would be nice."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, things are looking up, I suppose. Been knitting more. Finished that book. Stopped crying over my job. Catlin and Alexa are supposed to be coming over tomorrow. Been working on the Mage campaign (though it is ridiculously stressing). Etc.


SFG Blank Book Project

This is so cool. The whole project is outlined on the blog. Was reading through on the blog A Little Hut, where Patricia got to add a page to the SFG Blank Book. You should def. read more about it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Zach (via text):
Remember the rules; there is no spoon, the cake is a lie, caek is good, more cowbell, don't smell the rocks, don't eat the flowers, there's no sex in the champagne room, and you just lost the game.

Damn you Zach. Damn you.
I lost.

Updated Calendar


Esp. after September 8th. You'll see.

Got the job tho.

I has a sad.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Have a job interview on Tuesday at 2h30pm. I'm so scared. I have to do a typing thing. Ick. I can only type txt tlk and I have more than enough trouble if I can't backspace more than once. Will take a typing online thing before hand, just to judge.

Finished The Other Boleyn Girl and watched the movie yesterday. The book was so much better. The movie was so hollow. Whatev.

Supposed to have coffee with Ron, soon. SOON, plz, thx. Seriously.

Reading the new Artemis Fowl book. Well, will read it.

Started a new project on


You can't change what someone already thinks...

... and I need to get over that.

I try so hard to make everyone happy. Well, let me rephrase that. I HAVE tried so hard to make everyone happy and have had it blow up in my face ten times over. I have come to the conclusion that some people are going to hate me, regardless of how I apologize or piss of people that I know won't desert me. So, in essence, fuck it. I'm going to start doing what makes me happy; making Anthony happy, making my family happy, making the House happy, and living without traipsing around on egg-shells. It's getting to the point where it's ridiculous that I feel really guilty about the feelings and well being of someone I have never met in person, and in my feelings and actions I have hurt one of my very best friends and my husband. So I turned it around and decided not to worry about it, now my brother is angry and I feel worse than ever.

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry that we can't be friends. I'm sorry that you're having a really hard time with life, and I really hope that things start getting better for you. Bad things happen to good people, but in the end everything gets better. Please don't give up, and please, for the love of god and all things beautiful, please understand why things are happening. In another time, in another place, we could have been best friends. But not now, not here, and I'm sorry for that. I feel that I truly loved you, though I don't quite know you. I truly feel that we are the same, on some levels. And one last time, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the anger, and the miscommunication, and the tragedy; I am so sorry for you and your family. Know that I think about you, and I pray for you in my own Pagan little way. I wish nothing but the best for you and yours. Please have no hard feelings towards me, as I have none for you. This is the last time I will write for you, not the last time I think of you. Please, be well, please be safe. Love.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Well, still trying to decide what to do about the task at hand. People are all like, "blablabla" and I'm all like, "grr and stuff. Yeah so, for real, I'm sick of it, and I'm tired of just writing bitch-blogs to people who will never read it. So, here, I write a letter. Anyone has anything to say about it; suggestions, comments, add-ins; feel free to leave a comment. So, here goes.

Dear Christina:
I'm very dissatisfied with our current situation. I realize that you and Allen are together, so I have no right or place to say anything about the cruel and rude comments you make to hurt his feelings - except for when they have to do with me. I'm currently pissed off at your attitude when Allen was helping me with Portal and you were bitching in a soft tone about how he didn't help you "when you asked (that is, I didn't hear you and neither did he, which brings up the thought of it being true or not)" because he was "busy" helping me.
If you have something to say, please just fucking say it next time, please. We'd all appreciate it. It would make us all very happy. In fact, next time if you don't say anything, I'm going to punch you in the face. No hard feelings, or grudges, or remaining anger, just a punch in the face. Got it?
Also, stop stalking me. For serious. I was bitching about it yesterday, so I'll print that out for you. Kthx.
Yours Truly
P.s. There was NO fucking toilet paper, k?

I was telling you how I FEEL and if feelings are wrong, then so be it. Glad we could talk. Really glad.


You're an idiot. You know that? Get the FUCK over yourself and leave me alone. That not only means don't fucking talk to me or mine, but don't fucking visit my goddamn pages and spy on me you fucking sick, self-centered, bitch.

I don't like to be mean, but this is getting ridiculous. Get the fuck out of elementary school and start acting your age, not your IQ.

FUCK yourself. Please.

[EDIT] Sorry Christina. <3 Deleted. Well, all but the true, of course. :P [/EDIT]

Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Awesome Blog and Article

Julie R. Neidlinger: Lone Prairie Art Works

This is EXACTLY what is happening to me. It's odd how this has happened to so many people and Dell still hasn't changed!!!

Also, I love reading really opinionated articles and strong view-points. I admire those people. :) (Heart you, too, Sean!!!!)

New Blog For Mage?

Considering making a new blog for Mage: The Awakening, so I can have a place to put digests and modules. Already have a new one for knitting templates, just have to finish making the templates themselves. :(


Supposed to meet Ron for coffee soon. Can't remember what day, though.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Miss you, Miss you...

Well, I quit my job. I have the flu, a sinus infection, and an ear infection. Instead of them being nice and saying that they may cut my hours and to call if I can come in, I have been greeted rudely after it took be three hours to call in, because the line was busy or the fax answered, and they told Paige that I called off because it was the weekend. What the hell am I going to do on a weekend? My weekend is Monday when Anthony is off work. It's b.s.

Work Schedule
Mon.-Sun. - Off


Well, now I can give blood for money. Woo. I'm looking up webmaster jobs because now I'm qualified. Well, yeah.

D&D is going really well. I can't wait to finish this little quest. I just downloaded the 3.5 Monster Manual for Christina. She's stoked. Still wants the hard copy, though.

Friday, August 01, 2008

News News and More News

Well, coffee with Lil and Meghan Tibby went really well. There were a few misconstrued things there, but some of it is resolved, and Lil said that she wouldn't mind going for coffee again soon. She even mentioned that her schedule would be mostly free. I'm so happy that things are starting to go well with those I once knew.

Darin is in the hospital. Has lots of stitches on his face. Drunk driving again. Has had 14 DUI and DWIs and still doesn't have yellow plates and hasn't served jail time. If he lives through it I hope he learns. He has a fourteen year-old daughter and is less responsible than one just out of high-school. I feel bad for Alexa, but not for him. He should have learned. Idiot.

Starting a new D&D campaign. Christina is DMing. I'm playing a chaotic-neutral rogue named Leighlann (LAY-lan). She's going to be like the French Robin Hood in Shrek; "he steals from the rich and gives to the needy. He makes a little profit, but he's not greedy..."

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cold Cold Cold

Today was a good day. I really enjoyed hanging out with Christina.

Been playing on the Gamecube-Gameboy thing. It's pretty cool; normal sized controller, normal sized screen. It's nice.

Got my retirement check from the university. Turns out I saved up more than I thought. Saved over $400, which shocked me. It's odd what pennies a day can do for two years earning interest, hm?

I really wish that I could be by myself sometimes; not alone, by myself.

It's funny how there are some things you don't notice about people until you can't avoid them. Not that you want to avoid them... just saying.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

At the very least....

It's over with. Just to let you know, they say they're behind you, but I hear otherwise. Careful of whom you trust; when you really need someone, you'll find out really how many people you've pissed off. It's the little things. Sucks to be selfish and spoiled, huh?

Well, car window is busted out. Just the back. Really glad no one really knows the new address, I suppose. The privacy is nice.

Guess what Tuesday is? I can't wait. I'm wearing my wedding dress regardless of whether it's indoor or outdoor, which of course, depends on the weather. :)

Reception is going to be Wednesday, though. Hm.

Been arguing a lot with myself over Paige. I haven't quite gotten used to living with her, and the others.

Back to playing Bioshock. Yay.

Also, need to write more.

And another thing, need to find my freakin' media reader.

Last, but not least, having coffee with Lil and Meghan Tibby on Thursday this week.

Monday, July 21, 2008


It is fricking humid. Omigosh.
Been at home playing Bioshock all day. Will do very late review after I finish, maybe, I think Anthony did one before. Oh well. Either way. Imma go passssssoutttt...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Okay, so, updateness, now that I'm actually awake...

Okay, so, so much for hanging out with my sister today. No call, etc. Whatev. There's always Thanksgiving.

Have to find my media reader so I can get pictures off of my camera as to upload them onto dA.

Updated Google Calendar.

Just to let you know;

We're getting married in two weeks. I was stupid for a while, I believed you. I see right through you now, as he has for so long.
As far as I'm concerned, right now, you're dead. You don't exist. You're just another nameless face on the Earth, as I am, as we all are.

Also, looking into a restraining order if you don't cut it out.

Embarassing AIM Handles You Had When You Were A Kid

jgh: Assignment is self-explanatory: reblog with any ridiculous AIM handles you had as a tween.
I’ll start, in honor of the latest X-Files flick: when I was 13, my AIM was ScullyJess.
Your turn!
ch!cktionary: The embarrassing AIM handle I had as a kid is still my AIM handle. Let’s just say it references bunnies.
hexidecimalhack: So mine was Ace989810612 because I wanted to use Ace since I loved dealing cards. Then later I used poetrydust because I wanted to use something related to fairy dust and I liked writing couplets...

First Post in a while.

Well, been feeling better all up until work yesterday. Two-year desk job really softened me up. Feet were killing me like nobody's business. Damn-it.

Tibby sent me a text message today. Very exciting. I can't wait to see her again.

Friday, July 04, 2008

I can't stand it...

My scar is throbbing, aching for attention. I cause nothing but pain. I can't take hurting people. I don't understand why I always end up hurting people. I am constantly getting comments about what I write not being interesting enough, not being good enough. Fact of the matter is, this is the only thing keeping me sane. Please, please don't take this away from me.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Poll

New Poll, plz vote.

Vid-A-Day - Panic! at the Disco sings Third Eye Blind's Slow Motion

In this video, Panic! at the Disco, one of my favourite bands, sings Slow Motion, done originally by Third Eye Blind, my all time favourite band.

Enjoy, loves.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vid-A-Day - George Bush sings Sunday Bloody Sunday

I'm sure that everyone has heard U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday. Well, here someone clipped press conferences and presidential debates and addresses to make George W. Bush sing Sunday Bloody Sunday.

You don't have to be political to enjoy this one, folks.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Vid-A-Day - Final Fantasy vid to They Might Be Giants

This is yet another Final Fantasy video. This is to It's the End of the World as We Know It, a remake by They Might Be Giants.

If you like Final Fantasy, you'll love this.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vid-A-Day - Final Fantasy 8 vid to David Bowie

This is a Final Fantasy 8 video that was done to Within You, a David Bowie song from Labyrinth. Very awesome.

Applications and Whatnot

Well, went in yesterday and put in applications EVERYWHERE. Called today for a job, but they asked that I please call back within the month because they should have an opening soon. I'm not brave enough yet to put applications in for webmaster, though I could do it at home and make twice as much as I normally would, but I'm not quite confident enough in my abilities. As soon as I finish my resume, I could get a job at another help desk. Bah.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Have gotten an email back from Meghan, or rather, Tibby, as she's changing her name. I'm so happy. Words cannot describe.

Vid-A-Day - So You Think You Can Dance: Jordan Sparks

This dance is so amazing. In the show they said that the dance was about the last night that the couple had together before he went to war. It makes me want to cry, but it's so beautiful.

:57-1:00 = OMG

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Okay, so, I'm obsessing, and I need to calm down. I can't quit being antsy. In class now trying to make an American flag with tables. Ick. Made a French flag, though. :)

Either way, want to leave class a little early. Yuck. Feel icky. Like I said, water pump is broken at the house, so, ya.

Try it, you'll like it...

Okay, so, I havea couple of games that some of you may be interested in. They are as follows:

For the pirate at heart:

This is Pirates: Legend of Black Kat. I bought it at GameStop for a mere $2.99. Very cheap. Since it was cheap, I of course, was expecting some cheap thrills. As it turns out, it's a lot of fun. The funny thing is, I bought it with the intention of playing it myself, but Anthony is now an addict. He had ten minutes before we had to leave so he could get to work on time and he chose to use that ten minutes to play this game. Odd how that sort of thing works out.

You go through the game as a girl, which is a fun thing. I like that you don't have the option to have a male character, and it's nice that there is more than a few games that are like that now [(that aren't Barbie or Bratz related, of course) Tomb Raider, obviously (all but Angel of Darkness, but we don't talk about that one, do we?), Beyond Good & Evil, American McGee's Alice, BloodRayne, Oni, etc.], not that I'm saying that I hate men or think that they shouldn't have games with males as the only main characters, just that it's nice that there is a sort of balance now than there was a few years ago. Anyway.

For the Alyss fan:

Here we have CardSoldierWars, which is an online, 2d, browser based MMO game, based on Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars and Seeing Redd, two of my favourite books. The game is confusing at first, where you start out with forums and running your mouse all over the screen to look for that hand () so you know where you can go. After you learn the ropes, though, it becomes a lot of fun. The only issue I saw with it was that you can only do so much a day. There is a Bejeweled type game that you can only send your score 5 or 6 times a day to get money. You can only make so many card soldiers work a day and for so long, etc. Though, since it's still in beta, I have high hopes for it yet.
More to come.

Worrying Want and Wonder

Well, since yesterday I have been really nervous. I am antsy.
I had this really weird dream last night. I was in the new house and the people who lived there were me, Darin and Becky, and Chuck. I was doing dishes when Becky asked why. I just mentioned off-hand that I live here too, so, why not? Darin made me put the dishes down and said, "come on, we're leaving." Chuck went out first, and then Darin, so I followed.
Don't quite know what it means. Could just be some fear that someone in the new house will act like them, I guess.
Eitherway, for the first time in a long time I have stopped having night terrors. It's odd.
Anyway, it's lab time. Ten minutes down, eight hours and fifty minutes to go...

Vid-A-Day - Tenacious D

This is Master Exploder, which was the song that JB dreamt about on their way to steal the Pick Of Destiny.

His face at 2:04-2:08. XD

Have fun with this one.

Also, KG looks and sounds like Boy George half-way through the video. :)

Pudgy Gal of the Month - Beth Ditto

This is Beth Ditto. She's the singer in the indie rock band, The Gossip. There was an interview with her just recently where she explains why she thinks (almost) everyone is bent on being a size 0.

It's funny, she's actually right around the same size I am and she's drop dead gorgeous.

Lil and Meghan Tibby

I saw them today at the mall. I was really scared. I'm so glad they talked to me, but I'm afraid that I really upset Lil. Meghan Tibby is as tall as I am and thin as a rail. Lil is the same beautiful person. I didn't see David, but I hope he's well. I miss them. I hope we can all talk again soon.

mobile blog FTW
sushi FTW

Monday, June 16, 2008

Retro Game - Juilliard Music Adventure

Juilliard Music Adventure BoxWell, it isn't too retro. Circa 1995. :D

This was a game that I played a lot when I was a kid of eight or nine. It is a great teacher for kids and adults alike interested in learning about orchestra.

I can't wait to own it again, but since it is only being reproduced for schooling, it's expensive (between $28 and $45) and can only be found online.

The story line in this game is better than most of the ones that come out nowadays.

Gnoise steals all of the music and entraps the queen so you have to go around the castle solving musical puzzles to free the queendom!!!

Vid-A-Day - Freezepop

Alright, so, most of you know who Freezepop is because of Guitar Hero II where Less Talk More Rokk was available.

This is another one of Freezepop's songs called Stakeout.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vid-A-Day - Dan Le Sac VS Scroobis Pip

Here I give you Thou Shalt Always Kill, one of my favourite songs, thanks to Sean. :)

One down, one to go...

Well, one of the cats is back. Noir. She was outside. When I thought she was afraid to go outside, I was wrong. It turns out she's just afraid of the noise the front door makes. She went out the window, which is where I had to let her in. Either way, she's back, one more cat to go.

Also, I'm guessing that she's pregnant because when she disappeared she was in heat, and now she isn't. That, and she has been eating a lot since last night.

Have homework in HTML. Icky. Stupid. Case files. Yuck.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Cats are Gone.

I haven't seen them in four days.
Darin says that they ran away.
They were too afraid to go outside.
I hope they're okay.
I know I didn't spend a lot of time with them, but they were my comfort when I was alone. They're only two years old.
I'm really sad.
I can't explain it...
I couldn't take them with me when I move... but I would have if I would have known that they would just disappear.
I think someone knows.

I keep having thoughts that maybe Darin or Becky made them go out. Or maybe my grandma took them somewhere. Gave them away.

I would just like to know.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I really am sorry ...

... that things can't be so simple. I really wish all of the problems and hardships you suffer would just disappear. I would trade my comfort for your pain in hopes of soothing your mind and emotions. I wasn't upset with you. I really wasn't. I'd love to talk to you about it, sometime. We are similar (though not duplicates), we have had the same experiences, and overall, I consider us sisters. Though we may have had a few bouts of troubled times, I still feel connected to you, on a deep level. I'm sorry for the pain that I have caused you. I'm sorry if I have made you feel unwanted or swindled, because that was never my intention. I hope you know that this is meant for you. I try my hardest to talk to you when I can though it is awfully difficult right now. Perhaps soon we can meet. Perhaps.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Cancer.

Got the results back from his biopsy. He's going to have to have a quarter of his lung removed. My mom is really worried. They said they caught it early enough that he'll be fine, but he'll be laid up for a few months.

In other news, I'm still thinking about that house....

Anthony got his stimulus check in the mail today. His is $413, mine is going to be about a hundred less.

Paid the bank off today. :)

Went grocery shopping for the first time in almost four months. Been getting tired of ramen.

BTW - New pictures -

Not that this is a good thing to be writing about but...

Bitch-shit-ton of new deviations, thx.

tired hot and angry

Either way, we have found a fantastic house. Three bedroom, $800 a month. An entertainment house, which will be nice. I still haven't found a job, but with the school work load, I think it's okay until I get used to the stress.

Also, my arm has begun to heal. Sutures are out and the scars from them are fading.

Well, I'm kind of ticked at the whole no-one-likes-something-until-i-do-and-then-it's-their-favourite-thing-ever sort-of thing. PISSING me OFF like NOBODY'S business. I hate having to re-think who I am anytime I find out that there is a carbon copy two streets over. It's gotten to the point that I don't want to tell anyone what I like or enjoy or do in my spare time because as soon as someone asks I start to feel sick to my stomach. I hate feeling this way. I almost want to move out of state and start over. Get a new house, new job, new school, new favourite book and movie (which will be hard because right now they are the same thing), new religion, new name, etc.

It's the same thing with my pictures. It's one of those things that anytime I go somewhere with the intention of taking pictures, someone either whips out their digital camera and takes the same picture I just took because it was a good idea, or they ask to use my camera to take the same picture I just took because it was a good idea and they want credit. It makes me think about how unoriginal it is to be unoriginal. About how in trying not to conform, I'm conforming to the non-conformist ways. About how being different is exactly like everyone else and how there is nothing I can do about it. It makes me really upset to realize that everything that I've put my heart into is starting to seem so shallow, hollow, and transparent. Everything that I find artistic has already been done, it's already been thought about, and there's photographic proof. I just want to go someplace where I can feel like a photographer again, and not just some kid with a camera.

Brb, emo time.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gift Baskets - Noelle

Well, I have started a gift basket for Noelle. I really appreciate everything that she's done for me. Included in the gift basket is Banner of the Stars: Disc 3, Glass Wings, Kingdom Hearts: Vol. 1, a blue and yellow brocade bi-fold wallet, yellow rabbit chopsticks, a punky, little pouch that I made since her purse is falling apart, a tiny gift bag with three pairs of earrings, two hair clippies, a cute little box, and some vanilla lip gloss, there's a bottle of Bodycology Vanilla lotion, a cute pen and a letter of my extreme gratitude. Can't wait to give it to her.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Healing Brain Washing, HTML, and Honoured Guests

At 6h45p break, I went out to see Paige, who was sitting at the picnic table. She seemed relatively happy and calm different than usual. She mentioned that this guy really helped her back. I asked who, of course, and she pointed.
His name is Glen. He is in his forties or fifties or sixties. He wears scrubs for school. He rolls his own cigarettes. He walks really stiffly. He can read wash young minds and do acupressure. He was trained in Germany. He pushed on the pressure points on my shoulders and neck which immediately got rid of the headache that I've had since I woke up. He offered to help Paige and me, both. He said that he won't lay a hand on me unless one of my female friends is there because he can tell that I've been hurt. Very interesting suspicious and scary.

HTML class is fun. I'm pretty much using it for my own ends, which I believe is allowable. Making a few pages for my photography portfolio. Will make a few pages for Noelle's cos-play as well.

Paige Ann and I have been hanging out together every day (except Monday, of course). FunFunFun.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't Watch This Movie and Who the Fk Cares?

First off, there's this movie, The Perfect Witness. Don't watch it. One more time. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE unless rape scenes and grotesque deaths don't bother you. Tiffani, Paige, Allen; please don't watch this movie. I started watching it and had to turn it off. Anthony; you can watch it when I'm not home.

Also; who the fuck cares? Honestly, this is the most RIDICULOUS thing that I have heard in a long time. Grow up, seriously.

Monday, May 05, 2008

An Adequate Movie and the Weight Off of My Shoulders

Well, Paige and I went to see Shutter yesterday. It scared the freaking hell out of me, but it was really good. I don't like spoilers, so, go see it. :P

Well, yesterday I had another blow-out with Tiffani. It was one of those things where I had something really important to discuss and was interrupted.

I ended up leaving and going up to Wal*Mart and sitting in the car with Paige while I bitched for an hour, after which I made the decision to call Tiffani, even though I left without saying or having any intention to say goodbye.

As the phone was ringing my palms began to sweat even though I was as cold as the arctic snow. We spoke for forty minutes, I just sitting in the parking lot, and she just sitting in her room, Paige listening quietly, save for the times when she had an opinion, which usually wasn't good.

The more I listened the more I thought about sitting in the emergency room and hoping that I hadn't died just so that I could've told everyone how much I loved them and how much I appreciated everything they had done for me.

Jeanna, my sister, who prayed for me when I was afraid; Dustin, Bobby and Alix; my baby brothers forevermore. My cousin, Lexa, who is the coolest cat in town. Devan, who is my brother and friend; Cat, who I love with all of my heart. We share more in common than just being goofy.

The Maplewood gang; Sean, Gene, Corey, Korey, Ray, Nard, Papa Giorgio, Tim, Amanda, SheriLyn; who made my graduating experience more than excellent.

My work buddies, A'ngel, Dustin, Ryan, Aaron, Cutter, Ron, Katie, Brad, Deanna, Vamp, Tim, Mike, Brian, Holly, Matt, Scott, Chris, and Andrew (Hill and Lucas, both), who have been there for me to goof off with for the time I worked at the University.

The PIT crew; Jeff, Andy, Nate, Shane, Francisco, Pat, Elliot, Britteny, Ryan, Tommy, Mr. Hokage Sensei, Shawna, and Lyndie; I will love and miss you guys so much.

And then there's the circle; Chris, Tiffani, Paige, Amanda, and Allen. If it weren't for you guys, I don't know what I would have done. You don't know how much I appreciate you, even though I can be a menacing bitch sometimes. You guys deal with it. You're the strongest people I know.

Of course, my Anthony. He has helped me through the bad and the worse. He supports my decisions and dreams. He doesn't laugh at my silly insecurities or what scares me. There are all sorts of things that we share that I know no one else would (or even want to for that matter, ;) understand. He is my partner and my friend, soon to be my husband.

I really appreciate all that everyone of you has done. Also, this is a top-of-my-head list, so if I forgot anyone important (as we all know my memory is for shit really bad) send me a message and I'll promptly add you to one of the above lists.

As I have mentioned, the words will come when you need them, and since I only needed them once, to let you know how I truly feel, I doubt I will be able to reach that level of sentimentality again any time soon.

I love you guys.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sutures, Tech Schools, and an Overdrafted Checking Account

As my arm is healing, I am finding myself less paranoid. I know it will be a scar that I remember forever and will refuse to tell nothing of it other than a simple "upholstery accident."

So, I have finally decided that the University of Akron is not for me. It isn't a good thing that tuition has doubled, especially since I have to be a full time student to keep my job. That and I've been getting fucked screwed over on hours and pay even though I have been employed there for two years. I finally quit. I have moved on.

Well, since the hours have been short and I quit my job, I am literally flat-busted broke. It will only be a matter of a month before I get the new job. I find myself more and more dreading what is to come just because, once again, things have changed.

And every one knows what I do when things change.

I run.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anime Punch

Going to Columbus for a few days for the anime convention, Anime Punch. Can't wait. Don't want to leave Anthony here, but he has to work. Ick. Anyway, I have bangs now. Doesn't look half-bad. :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

New Work Schedule

Friday: 12pm-5pm.

That's it. That's when I work. 5 hours. Looking for a second job. Budgets got cut here. What ev. What. Ev.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day from HELL

Yesterday sucked. Really seriously sucked.

I have been depressed constantly for the past two months. I've been sick and frustrated about my weight.
I went to school upset, everyone asking what's wrong. I was mentioning to Andy that my calves and thighs have gotten big because of all of the muscle. It was a sort-of two-people conversation. Nate chimed in mentioning that most of my weight was my chest, which was fine. I told him that I was more talking about my legs being muscle-y, to which Nate responded with, "Well, your legs have to be bigger to carry all of your weight around since you've gotten bigger." I'm sure he wasn't serious, but it really hurt my feelings.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Alex: "Lol hahaha praise god and pass the chocolate eggs"
Paige: "lol"
Lexa: "My brother called me at 7 am to tell me the easter thing came and im just like wtf i know."
Mom: "Thanks, same to you, Love ya!"
Andy: "Huh sounds like a troma movie"
"What's troma?"
"The people that made canibal the musical and the toxic avenger."
Ashley: "Lol Happy Easter Ferin ^_^"
Jamie: "Happy bunny and ducky day! lol"
Natalie: "what?"

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Chinese Kitty, Cup Collection, Yummy Delicious Yarn Meats

Well, it turns out that a damn lot of people don't know that I have cats, let alone that I love them to death. This is Noir. She's a snuggly little sweetheart that is rather small for a full grown cat. She likes to sleep in my bed and scratches at the door when she wants in. When she meows she looks Chinese. My other cat, Lune, is scared to death of anything that makes noise, light, or movement of any kind. She scratches at the door so you can open it and watch her run away. She is calico coloured and just as fuzzy as Noir, though her butt is bald because of how nervous she is all of the time. Her tail is huge and makes her look like a slightly over-sized squirrel.

I have started a coffee mug collection, which is something that I get from my biological father's side of the family. Depicted here are three tumblers, the tall pink and silver dealy, the orange holographic one in the back, and the bright pink ribbed one; a ton of grey cups that were for some type of advertising company or something (it's foreign), two silver and white Valentine's mugs [which match my tumbler (they all came from Starbucks)], and another Valentine's mug that has hearts and the word LOVE in curly letters. Not depicted is Anthony's IniTech mug, which I got him for my birthday (I know, I give others gifts on my birthday, wtf?).

Shown here is my new-ish yarn. In the smaller plastic bag with the holders is a hat that I was working on and realized, oh-too-late, that I didn't make a gauge swatch, and hence didn't realize that my gauge was too small. Maybe when I get over it I will finish it for practice on the larger one. The blue yarns are the ones I was going to another candy-heart pillow, but changed my mind and decided to make a felted messenger bag instead.

Well, that's about it for my update. More pictures and other various updates later.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Okay, so, long week. List time.

  • New car
    • 2003 Kia Spectra has been returned
    • 2005 Mercury Sable GS
  • Planning the wedding
    • Paige is helping with:
      • Invitations
      • Colours
      • Flowers
      • etc

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Monica Lewinsky's Ex-Boyfriend's Wife For President!!!

and then I lol'd...

CreepyCreepy playlist for Andy:

Ohio - Modest Mouse

If you have any suggestions, let me know...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ember, Sparks, and Yonwood

Been reading less than I have wanted to lately. Been working on The Prophet of Yonwood since I bought it last month. It's been good so far. It is a prequel to The City of Ember, which was the first book in the trilogy, People of Sparks being the second.

Young adult fiction is always SO interesting to me because there is none of the wordy filler that found in adult (not erotic, just the stuff that is found in the plain old fiction section) fiction books. They are fun, quick reads that capture your interest to the very end.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Duo! Kia! rah Rah RAH!!!

Well. Beat Duo again. Oh yeah. What!? Who's Duo??? Yeah, Anthony knows, shame on you guys. Well, he's the final boss from Megaman Battle Network 4: Red Sun (though the image is of DuoSP).

Still have the Kia. Jerking me around....

Happy 100th Post, everybody...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Car about to be Not Our Car

Paul Monaco = JerkFace

Well, this sucks. Our 2003 Kia Spectra is about to be NOT our 2003 Kia Spectra. Have an apointment arount 11h00am tomorrow to look at a Saturn that we may get financed for. Grr. I hate dealerships.

WIP Week - Candy Heart Pillow

Well, it isn't necessarily a WIP, because I didn't get pictures of it in progress, just the finished product. Most excellent. It came (hehe) from the book DoniKnitrix book by Jennifer Stafford. Good book. Cute patterns. Will probably be working out of it for a while.

Fig. Uno - Here we have a finished product of the candy heart pillow pattern, modeled by our very own Anthony Wayne at Panera. Stuffed with premium acrylic stuffing from Michaels. Now that is one sexy yarn craft.

Fig. B - Here we have the knit one side, pearl other side pattern for the front and back of the heart. Very simple. Very tres chic. Also, it isn't that orange, it is more like the colour in Fig. Uno. This is actually the first thing that I have knitted that wasn't a scarf. Very exciting. Took six hours total. Not bad for having to rip out almost an entire heart twice. :)

Fig. III - Here we have the pearl-only fabric for the sides. Also, very easy. Annoying as hell, but easy.

Friday, February 15, 2008

WIP Week - The Never-Finished Scarf

Fig. 1 - This is the scarf that I have been working on for Anthony since the dawn of frigging time, and I just can't seem to want to finish it. For the longest time it seemed to be just fine in how it was coming along. It took no time at all in the beginning and now it feels like it will never finish. Maybe like each row that I knit is actually just disappearing into my hammer space. Somewhere there is a HUGE scarf...

Fig. 2 - The yarn is the type that is pretty much thread with wool wrapped around it. Beautiful colors. :)

Fig. 3 - With this I cast on an even amount of stitches and have continued the pattern of knit 1 pearl 1 every row.

The pictures will be missing from the post underneath this one until I repost them on photobucket, because I was an idiot and deleted them. :)

WIP Week - Skirt-Bag

Fig.1 - Okay, so I started working on this purse from a skirt that I knew I would never wear again, mostly because the waist-band was only large enough to use as a bag strap. Either way, this is what I began with.

Fig. 2 - I had a left-over zipper from when I was obsessed with them and wanted to sew them onto everything. But when I put the zipper on, I forgot to make it the middle layer, resulting in this ugly finish on the inside. That and it wouldn't lay flat for anything.

Fig. 3 - So, instead of panicking, I took the liberty of adding another liner, to which I sewed on another zipper in the side so that I could still sew the liner on and not have to worry about trying to turn it inside-out through a small hole, and then having to hand-sew the rest.

Fig. 4 - And here you have my finished project, which I took the liberty of adding a shit-ton of buttons to.

All-in-all, it was a fantastic project that took no longer than six hours. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Work Schedule

So, then, I can work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. New work schedule can be viewed here.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thinking about quitting.

Well, I just had to wait outside for twenty-six minutes outside of Lincoln with six black guys hollering, "yo, bitch" at me. Carl's take, "oops, sorry". Called once and asked whoever if they were in Linc, they said yah, I said let me in please, they said okay, and hung up. I had to call back again and Ryan let me in. It's ridiculous. It makes me mad. I want to go home. Think I will.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

wide spectrum of BONER-ENLARGERS

Uhg, so, spent a bunch of money. Like I usually do. Bought all sorts of fun Valentiney things. Bought cups today.
Aren't they cute? Bought a set of two. Matches the travel mug I got for my birthday.
Today, Miss Amanda was going through her very first blogs and made me want to do it.


New wallet... view here.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Two New Polls

Okay, peoplez, this requires you to actually go to my page rather than sit and scroll through your RSS feeder, kthx. Visit mah page and do teh polls. ♥ Thank you!!!

AdSense and a Really Late Refund Check

Okay, so I actually went through with it. Whatev. I guess I am really just that hard up. I have a specific thing to add, this code thing but I don't know how it will work, really. Whatev.

Finally got my refund check. Thank gooOO00OOoodnessss. Was sweating pretty bad. Was late to work again. May get fired. Whatev. Def whatev.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Updated teh My Blog

Look!!! New layout!!! I hate CSS!!! I copied off of my dA journal!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Link Time, Ladies!

Mostly because I don't feel that the gentlemen will be interested. :)
Okay, so of course while at work I was browsing for more interesting crafty things to add to my RSS feeder dealy, and I came across an interesting site called Indie Love. Of course, I at this point in time, being and indie snob, had to check it out. There are all sorts of cutesy indie things to wear, decorate your house with, and give to other people. There, while I was browsing, I saw a link for Etsy, which I also had to check out as well. Etsy if full of crafty things, which is right up my alley. There at the bottom it yeilded a link for Button Bunny Accessories, which I am browsing currently, and must stop as my shift is about to end. Here there is a variety of buttons for relatively cheap, which I intend to spend at least a quarter of my wages on.
Well, lovelies, that's all for now.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

More Room Escape Games

Well, been looking around and have found yet another awesome room escape game. Ambivalence is nothing short of amazing. With two rooms that you are able to navigate between to solve the puzzles. It is relatively difficult, especially if you don't usually play these types of games.
1432 was kind of extremely difficult, but there are multiple endings [sidenote] Check everywhere twice. [/sidenote]. It doesn't make it any easier that it's in Japanese.
A quick one is Escapers #03, which is absolutely fun, but you do have to be observant. There are always help files if you get stuck. This one is also in Japanese, though it doesn't make too much of a difference.
The most recent installment of How A Story Should End (HASSE) is just adorable. It isn't really a room escape, but follows the same sort of format. You have the option of either English or Japanese. If you liked this one, you can check out the others here.
More for laters. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Personal Check, plz

Okay, so, life still hates me. Got a letter the day before classes started stating I needed to take ten credit hours worth of classes within ten days of the letter. WTF, right? Sent an appeal in. No word yet. Been avoiding buying books for that reason. It's only the first week, but still.
Am looking for personal checks. For purchase. Legitimately. My Marvel checks are half-way gone, so I was looking for Alice in Wonderland themed ones, but can only find these. Also, would like nerd checks if available. If anyone has any information regarding this plzkthx contact me. :) I was thinking about being evil and buying DC Comics checks to go in my Marvel checkbook...
Either way, Linguistics is fun as I'll get out. My prof is a very tall Irishman. Hm.
Okies, well, more teh laterz.