Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Updated teh My Blog

Look!!! New layout!!! I hate CSS!!! I copied off of my dA journal!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Link Time, Ladies!

Mostly because I don't feel that the gentlemen will be interested. :)
Okay, so of course while at work I was browsing for more interesting crafty things to add to my RSS feeder dealy, and I came across an interesting site called Indie Love. Of course, I at this point in time, being and indie snob, had to check it out. There are all sorts of cutesy indie things to wear, decorate your house with, and give to other people. There, while I was browsing, I saw a link for Etsy, which I also had to check out as well. Etsy if full of crafty things, which is right up my alley. There at the bottom it yeilded a link for Button Bunny Accessories, which I am browsing currently, and must stop as my shift is about to end. Here there is a variety of buttons for relatively cheap, which I intend to spend at least a quarter of my wages on.
Well, lovelies, that's all for now.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

More Room Escape Games

Well, been looking around and have found yet another awesome room escape game. Ambivalence is nothing short of amazing. With two rooms that you are able to navigate between to solve the puzzles. It is relatively difficult, especially if you don't usually play these types of games.
1432 was kind of extremely difficult, but there are multiple endings [sidenote] Check everywhere twice. [/sidenote]. It doesn't make it any easier that it's in Japanese.
A quick one is Escapers #03, which is absolutely fun, but you do have to be observant. There are always help files if you get stuck. This one is also in Japanese, though it doesn't make too much of a difference.
The most recent installment of How A Story Should End (HASSE) is just adorable. It isn't really a room escape, but follows the same sort of format. You have the option of either English or Japanese. If you liked this one, you can check out the others here.
More for laters. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Personal Check, plz

Okay, so, life still hates me. Got a letter the day before classes started stating I needed to take ten credit hours worth of classes within ten days of the letter. WTF, right? Sent an appeal in. No word yet. Been avoiding buying books for that reason. It's only the first week, but still.
Am looking for personal checks. For purchase. Legitimately. My Marvel checks are half-way gone, so I was looking for Alice in Wonderland themed ones, but can only find these. Also, would like nerd checks if available. If anyone has any information regarding this plzkthx contact me. :) I was thinking about being evil and buying DC Comics checks to go in my Marvel checkbook...
Either way, Linguistics is fun as I'll get out. My prof is a very tall Irishman. Hm.
Okies, well, more teh laterz.