Thursday, May 29, 2008

Healing Brain Washing, HTML, and Honoured Guests

At 6h45p break, I went out to see Paige, who was sitting at the picnic table. She seemed relatively happy and calm different than usual. She mentioned that this guy really helped her back. I asked who, of course, and she pointed.
His name is Glen. He is in his forties or fifties or sixties. He wears scrubs for school. He rolls his own cigarettes. He walks really stiffly. He can read wash young minds and do acupressure. He was trained in Germany. He pushed on the pressure points on my shoulders and neck which immediately got rid of the headache that I've had since I woke up. He offered to help Paige and me, both. He said that he won't lay a hand on me unless one of my female friends is there because he can tell that I've been hurt. Very interesting suspicious and scary.

HTML class is fun. I'm pretty much using it for my own ends, which I believe is allowable. Making a few pages for my photography portfolio. Will make a few pages for Noelle's cos-play as well.

Paige Ann and I have been hanging out together every day (except Monday, of course). FunFunFun.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't Watch This Movie and Who the Fk Cares?

First off, there's this movie, The Perfect Witness. Don't watch it. One more time. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE unless rape scenes and grotesque deaths don't bother you. Tiffani, Paige, Allen; please don't watch this movie. I started watching it and had to turn it off. Anthony; you can watch it when I'm not home.

Also; who the fuck cares? Honestly, this is the most RIDICULOUS thing that I have heard in a long time. Grow up, seriously.

Monday, May 05, 2008

An Adequate Movie and the Weight Off of My Shoulders

Well, Paige and I went to see Shutter yesterday. It scared the freaking hell out of me, but it was really good. I don't like spoilers, so, go see it. :P

Well, yesterday I had another blow-out with Tiffani. It was one of those things where I had something really important to discuss and was interrupted.

I ended up leaving and going up to Wal*Mart and sitting in the car with Paige while I bitched for an hour, after which I made the decision to call Tiffani, even though I left without saying or having any intention to say goodbye.

As the phone was ringing my palms began to sweat even though I was as cold as the arctic snow. We spoke for forty minutes, I just sitting in the parking lot, and she just sitting in her room, Paige listening quietly, save for the times when she had an opinion, which usually wasn't good.

The more I listened the more I thought about sitting in the emergency room and hoping that I hadn't died just so that I could've told everyone how much I loved them and how much I appreciated everything they had done for me.

Jeanna, my sister, who prayed for me when I was afraid; Dustin, Bobby and Alix; my baby brothers forevermore. My cousin, Lexa, who is the coolest cat in town. Devan, who is my brother and friend; Cat, who I love with all of my heart. We share more in common than just being goofy.

The Maplewood gang; Sean, Gene, Corey, Korey, Ray, Nard, Papa Giorgio, Tim, Amanda, SheriLyn; who made my graduating experience more than excellent.

My work buddies, A'ngel, Dustin, Ryan, Aaron, Cutter, Ron, Katie, Brad, Deanna, Vamp, Tim, Mike, Brian, Holly, Matt, Scott, Chris, and Andrew (Hill and Lucas, both), who have been there for me to goof off with for the time I worked at the University.

The PIT crew; Jeff, Andy, Nate, Shane, Francisco, Pat, Elliot, Britteny, Ryan, Tommy, Mr. Hokage Sensei, Shawna, and Lyndie; I will love and miss you guys so much.

And then there's the circle; Chris, Tiffani, Paige, Amanda, and Allen. If it weren't for you guys, I don't know what I would have done. You don't know how much I appreciate you, even though I can be a menacing bitch sometimes. You guys deal with it. You're the strongest people I know.

Of course, my Anthony. He has helped me through the bad and the worse. He supports my decisions and dreams. He doesn't laugh at my silly insecurities or what scares me. There are all sorts of things that we share that I know no one else would (or even want to for that matter, ;) understand. He is my partner and my friend, soon to be my husband.

I really appreciate all that everyone of you has done. Also, this is a top-of-my-head list, so if I forgot anyone important (as we all know my memory is for shit really bad) send me a message and I'll promptly add you to one of the above lists.

As I have mentioned, the words will come when you need them, and since I only needed them once, to let you know how I truly feel, I doubt I will be able to reach that level of sentimentality again any time soon.

I love you guys.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sutures, Tech Schools, and an Overdrafted Checking Account

As my arm is healing, I am finding myself less paranoid. I know it will be a scar that I remember forever and will refuse to tell nothing of it other than a simple "upholstery accident."

So, I have finally decided that the University of Akron is not for me. It isn't a good thing that tuition has doubled, especially since I have to be a full time student to keep my job. That and I've been getting fucked screwed over on hours and pay even though I have been employed there for two years. I finally quit. I have moved on.

Well, since the hours have been short and I quit my job, I am literally flat-busted broke. It will only be a matter of a month before I get the new job. I find myself more and more dreading what is to come just because, once again, things have changed.

And every one knows what I do when things change.

I run.