Thursday, May 29, 2008

Healing Brain Washing, HTML, and Honoured Guests

At 6h45p break, I went out to see Paige, who was sitting at the picnic table. She seemed relatively happy and calm different than usual. She mentioned that this guy really helped her back. I asked who, of course, and she pointed.
His name is Glen. He is in his forties or fifties or sixties. He wears scrubs for school. He rolls his own cigarettes. He walks really stiffly. He can read wash young minds and do acupressure. He was trained in Germany. He pushed on the pressure points on my shoulders and neck which immediately got rid of the headache that I've had since I woke up. He offered to help Paige and me, both. He said that he won't lay a hand on me unless one of my female friends is there because he can tell that I've been hurt. Very interesting suspicious and scary.

HTML class is fun. I'm pretty much using it for my own ends, which I believe is allowable. Making a few pages for my photography portfolio. Will make a few pages for Noelle's cos-play as well.

Paige Ann and I have been hanging out together every day (except Monday, of course). FunFunFun.


Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

Hi all. How are you?