Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sutures, Tech Schools, and an Overdrafted Checking Account

As my arm is healing, I am finding myself less paranoid. I know it will be a scar that I remember forever and will refuse to tell nothing of it other than a simple "upholstery accident."

So, I have finally decided that the University of Akron is not for me. It isn't a good thing that tuition has doubled, especially since I have to be a full time student to keep my job. That and I've been getting fucked screwed over on hours and pay even though I have been employed there for two years. I finally quit. I have moved on.

Well, since the hours have been short and I quit my job, I am literally flat-busted broke. It will only be a matter of a month before I get the new job. I find myself more and more dreading what is to come just because, once again, things have changed.

And every one knows what I do when things change.

I run.

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