Tuesday, July 29, 2008

At the very least....

It's over with. Just to let you know, they say they're behind you, but I hear otherwise. Careful of whom you trust; when you really need someone, you'll find out really how many people you've pissed off. It's the little things. Sucks to be selfish and spoiled, huh?

Well, car window is busted out. Just the back. Really glad no one really knows the new address, I suppose. The privacy is nice.

Guess what Tuesday is? I can't wait. I'm wearing my wedding dress regardless of whether it's indoor or outdoor, which of course, depends on the weather. :)

Reception is going to be Wednesday, though. Hm.

Been arguing a lot with myself over Paige. I haven't quite gotten used to living with her, and the others.

Back to playing Bioshock. Yay.

Also, need to write more.

And another thing, need to find my freakin' media reader.

Last, but not least, having coffee with Lil and Meghan Tibby on Thursday this week.

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