Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

Fuck the rules.
  1. I don't like rules, though I'm not saying that regardless what a rule is for, I'll break it. Through my experience, I've realized that many rules are meant to a) make you owe or pay more money than you should, b) assimilate everyone's appearance and behavior to one way, i.e. dresscodes, and c) cause a viral spreading of information, quotations, or blog posts such as this one (hence, no one is getting tagged and forced to write 25 somethings about themselves unless they do so of their own accord).

  2. I love to talk. I was on the debate team for a while, but I always ran out of time before finishing my bit. I speak quickly so that I may ambush people with words before they realize what hit them. This enables me to tell an entire story. I usually get talked over, same as my dad. My voice is lost in that range of white noise.

  3. I write like a maniac. I have almost twenty of those 4' X 5' journals full of scratchy penmanship, pamphlets, and various other paraphernalia from my daily life. I find everything very interesting, and I think you should, too. Writing everything down in a little book doesn't show everyone how I feel or help my friends keep up with my topsy-turvey moving schedule, so I have many online blogs as well with handy-dandy links that will take you to web-pages and images that I reference, all for your comfort. The comments I get are almost never nice, but that's what moderation is for!

  4. I take pictures. I take pictures of things that I find beautiful, like light bulbs, my morning coffee, and ventilation units (that's right, all of those links are different. Get clickin' buddeh). Not professionally. Tried that once and was SO not prepared. ~sneakysubjectchange~ I used to draw. I haven't in a while. I always disappointed myself because I couldn't draw exactly what I saw in my mind's eye.

  5. I'm paranoid. Really paranoid. I'm afraid of my shadow and anything that goes bump in the night. I like watching scary movies, but never by myself. I like playing scary games, but anything that pops into my line of vision suddenly will make me fall out of my seat backwards. You could say that I'm a little skiddish.

  6. I don't really watch much television, but when I do, I love to watch crime mystery and medical mystery related shows. Not COPS or DA, or anything like that. More like CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, Bones, Monk, and House. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is my favorite. I like my craft programs, too. Knitty Gritty is awesome and the only one I'm ever awake to see (at 6h30 am, when I should already be asleep).

  7. I always forgive (though it may take a while) but I never forget. I'm sharp as a tack, you won't slip anything by me, but I won't try to slip anything by you either. I had the time in my life where the lies couldn't come quickly enough; it was an addiction. I can't decide which I'd prefer; being lied to or being kept in the dark (figuratively that is, if it were be lied to or be in a dark room, I would choose the lie, see number five above).

  8. I'm large. I have more curves than a sine wave and look like Beth Ditto. I weigh about thirty pounds more than you'd guess and I'm only 5'1.5", though I always try to stretch to at least 5'2". I used to weigh a lot less (which my family loves to remind me) but I'm a great deal healthier now. Since it's almost swimming weather, I'll lose about 20 pounds before it gets cold again. It always works out that way.

  9. I love to laugh. I love stand up comedy as well as comedic movies. I like subtle humor more than slap-stick, and intelligent humor more than vulgar, but there are always exceptions to everything.

  10. I smoke like a stack.

  11. I'm in love. I first saw Anthony before I was even in high-school. After switching schools, I found out he was just as into photography as I was. We've been together for two years, though it's seemed like forever. He's adorable and funny as hell. I could go on about him forever. He inspires me, and to top it off, we dress alike. XD

  12. I'm a gamer. I play violent games (though not scary ones... see numero 5) but not real-life playing war games. I hate being political.

That's all you're getting.

Anyone who reads this is purposefully not "tagged" and should not complete this. Because I hate these things.

Started February 13th, 2009
Finished January 26th, 2010

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