Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Clothes, New School, New Job

It seems like every year or so something big changes; I switch jobs, I switch schools, I switch apartments... It's like I have to tell myself the entire time I'm doing something that I just started. Everything including class work, home work, house work, and even knitting. I've gotten better at psyching myself into doing something long enough to finish. That's why I've never knitted anything larger than a scarf (except that shawl and we really don't talk about that).

In other news, I got to spend my stupid gift card the other day. I ended up getting one pair of pants, one really cute shirt, a pair of ridiculously adorable shoes, and a cute purse (seen above). Since I need nice clothes for school, I figured why not.

Oh, that's right, I started school. Surprised? You should be. I didn't plan on starting school, it just sort of happened. Well, either way, my Fundamentals of English class is going surprisingly well, though I am bored out of my damned mind of verb tense. I learned this stuff in like, what, third grade? At least it gives me something to do at work.

Oh yeah! Work! I have a job (sort of) at the candle shop. Today is my first day, though I'm not actually working, just learning all I can; training, I guess.

Off to do homework.

Also, there is a very loud luao going on outside here. I hate coconut bras.

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Cat like thief 182 said...

Congrats on school and the job (kind of ). Maybe we can do homework together sometimes at Borders or something. Of course, I do my homework during art so....

I really am very happy for you. Congratulations.