Thursday, June 24, 2010

You All Know Who You Are


Was more than just the color
Of your hair
It was the color
Of You
Chili pepper
Rose; thorns included
Beating, bleeding heart
But now you are
Have paled
Just as you have gone
Beyond the pale
Compared to what you were
You seem more
First Name
Than a carnal conspicuous chroma
Or even
So-and-so's wife
Sublime; sans self

We were family
I ran
Not from you
or Yours
but from Him
I left
at the most opportune
I wish I could have
bided my time
Just a little longer
Just for you
Jougs holding me back
Oubliette of despair

We lived together for
A while
We fought beside each other for
A while
We fought against each other for
A while
We moved away from each other for
Our own good
We saw each other less and less for
Our own good
We are moving farther apart for
Our own good

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Updates (because that's the only thing I can type anymoreBELIEVEIT)

  • So, my boss gave me my very own project at work. It's AWESOME!
  • I am still hating math. Yuck. (When the fuck are we ever going to need to use f(x)=mx+b IRL???)
  • I haven't been knitting. NO TIME!!!
  • I have SciFi's (I refuse to spell it SyFy) version of Alice on DVD. Cat_Like_Thief; we need a movie day.
  • Hoping to see Eclipse in theatres with Red and Pabs.
  • Facebook is pissing me off.
  • Red be having hubbeh issues. Poor dear.