Thursday, March 15, 2012

The less-than-daily 'how-do-I-feel' gif...

Well, to put it plainly...


If you’re really going to fucking stalk me (because honestly, dude, that’s what it is, no one knows about this damned blog but me) then there are a few things that you need to hear.

My sexual business is none of yours. Quit asking my friends shit, quit cyber-stalking me, and quit drawing your own conclusions. Not that I’m doing any “whoring around” as you so delicately put it, but if I was, why is it anyone else’s business but mine? Who gives a fuck what I do in my spare time? You? WHY?

Why on EARTH would you think you have any right to my body?

I tried to tell you in a nice way that this was NOT happening if you continued to be a weirdo, but you didn’t fucking listen. Sure you’d go a week without texting me, but the amount of texts I received saying you were talking about me is overwhelming.

I like lists, so I’ll make you a couple, how’s that sound?

Things I Like About Zech
  1. Likes video games (that’s all I really know about you, Zech, I wish I could have gotten to know you before you decided what I should do with my life)
Things I Don’t Like About Zech
  1. Does not communicate well (that is, I hear everything about what’s going on with “us” from other people)
  2. Very jealous (if you’re this jealous and we aren’t even really talking, how on earth would you be if we were dating? Just saying.
  3. Rude (you told me I was stupid ten, count them, ten times for staying with my ex as long as I did, and you didn’t even hint at it, just straight up, “no srsly how fucking stupid do you have to be to stay with a douchebag that long?”)
  4. Controlling (do you really need to know if I’m sleeping with someone? Who are you sleeping with, Zech? FYI, I already know the answer)
  5. Needy (seriously, I haven’t seen my own mother since Thanksgiving, Saturday will be the first time I’ve seen Red and Ashley in a month, Paige only gets to see me when she’s playing taxi, and Brandon, whom I live with, sees me a total of ten minutes a day spread over morning before I leave for class and evening after I get off work before I go to bed. Sorry, man, but if you were a little more patient, and less pushy about getting back into a relationship then I would have tried harder to make time for you. Sorry, but my best friends are just more important)
Just so you know, I decided I was done talking to you as soon as you posted shit on Facebook.

I hate you, Zech.

Strong words from a stupid wuss, I’m sure, but I’m done dealing with situations that I don’t like. I’m done dealing with people I don’t like. I’m done dealing with people that expect way too fucking much from me.

You made my break-up harder on me than it should have been by repeatedly calling me stupid, remember that? I didn’t consider it stupidity, FYI, it’s called loyalty, and I am SO over letting people walk on me, especially people like you.

Right now at this very moment you’re making my best friends in the world question what’s going on in my life when I tell them EVERYTHING. It’s been hard enough building those friendships back up after the five years of lying that I did to hide the abuse I was going through.

So basically, leave me alone. Stop looking up my blogs, stop looking through my Facebook, stop asking my friends about me, lose the phone number, and fuck yourself. Because I’m done. Fuck you.

P.S. I didn’t hit this point until the Facebook post. Laundry excuse? Yet again, was telling you the truth but you had to be a drama queen about it and now look where we are. I had asked my boss for Friday and Sunday off in exchange for working Saturday so I could hang out with on Friday. But I don’t deal with that drama shit, and I especially don’t rearrange my schedules for Nazis.